I am a passionate mothertongue English teaching professional from Ireland with over 20 years experience working in schools. Everyday I digitally interact with students from all over the world using web platforms.
I host webinars and teach in public schools offering specialist group/one to one lessons.

Assessing students proficiency level in accordance to common European Framework {CEFR} A1-C2
I listen to students requests. Our classes include: general everyday conversation for travelling and work, business English for professionals in management, IT sector and academic preparation for exams such as IELTS/TOEFL and other Cambridge tests.

Each course is especially and carefully designed to help student/clients achieve their goals.
I am a professional musician too. I am a regular music performer and guitar teacher. I Love to surf in the ocean. I have a passion for sailing and the outdoors. In my free time I like to go to concerts and repair vintage bicycles.



Lingua di insegnamento

Corsi che propone:
  • lezioni standard
  • conversazione
  • certificazioni internazionali


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