One of my strengths is my ability to speak, especially my pronunciation and accent. That's why I have the ability to work on this part perfectly. Another thing that I am quite skilled at is flexibility. I can make a decision on the spot regarding the class I am working with.
I consider myself a friendly person who can communicate with other people and get on well with them.

When it comes to hobbies, I should say music is something that appeals to me. I play piano, not professionally, actually and I used to have a home studio to make music. Another hobby that I have is reading books. I study literature so you can imagine how much I love reading books, especially American Blidungsroman.

I'm an international student from Iran, studying Intercultural Studies in Languages and Literature at the University of Bergamo. I have been teaching English to both teenagers and adults since 2016. I also have experience of teaching online since the pandemic.

Areas of interest for conversation
Music, Health and medicine, Tourism, Leisure, Books, Literature, and Poetry, Technical-scientific fields, Politics, Visual arts, History, Other



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Corsi che propone:
  • Conversazione
  • Corso Strutturato
  • Affiancamento scolastico

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